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Our Clinicians


Don Jessop’s two decades of honing horse development skills make him a very relatable clinician. His skills a a colt starter, horse development specialist, and teacher, will move and inspire you. Audit one session with Don to forever change your perspective on how to get your horse into a learning frame of mind, build respect and tune up your equine partner for competition. He understands how to get human and horse to communicate fairly with his friendly manner and style. Don trains in the style of Ray Hunt and the Dorrance brothers, with a deep understanding of why our horses react and respond the way they do. Don is co-owner of Mastery Horsemanship, the author of Leadership and Horses, and has colt-started for Silverhorne Sporthorse since since 2003.


Rachel Jessop embodies what we equine professionals aspire to: competitor, horse developer, teacher and friend of the horse or human she’s called to help. A former eventer from New Zealand, her technical ability is exceeded only by her own colt starting and horse development prowess. Rachel’s ability to analyze horse behavior coupled with how to address the horse at his level, while striving for excellence in communication and relaxation, helps competitors achieve peak competition-ready performance. She is one of the most talented clinicians in the industry today. Rachel is co-owner of Mastery Horsemanship, competes in jumping and dressage and has been training for over 20 years.


Kelly Taylor’s life-long passion for developing lasting equine partnerships, coupled with a finely honed ability to develop an educated horse and an unwavering loyalty to the mind and physical welfare of the horse, all work together to help her create prepared and confident competition partners. Her pleasant, straight ahead manner makes her comments as a clinician on horse development methods relatable to her peers and clients. She is Silverhorne’s head rider and has moved into the ranks of horse development specialist, competing on the A circuit in California. Kelly has shown horses over fences since 1997.

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