Silverhorne’s training program builds both mental strength and emotional fitness. The results create highly connected and rideable competition partners.

Strong leadership has always been a hallmark of the Silverhorne horse development program

Proper raising and handling of our young horses results in an easy start for our young prospects. Results are tangible in our sales and Mare Performance test results (Dec. 2011 Riding Magazine AHS results).

The horses are happy and confident because they are never forced or made to do something for which they are not prepared…the starting and training program builds mental and emotional confidence in conjunction with physical core strength to support a raised back and encourage self carriage.

We welcome all inquiries on our horses in development.

SirCaletto x Strapless

Once you get the horse into a learning mind frame, you see that he is capable of responding and putting the puzzle pieces together ...and a jump course or a dressage test is just that, a puzzle.

Barbara Gualco, Silverhorne Sporthorse


Develop good lateral movement as part of your ground work

Teach Lateral from the Ground

Get your relevant lateral moves, lead and directional changes, good corners and bending lines with a ground conversation first. From the ground, Kelly has set up Smoke for lateral in his flat work and over fence course work with steady hand pressure at Smoke’s girth area.

Lateral Under Saddle

Results are impressive with lateral and flexion at the trot. Note the absence of spur or whip. Kelly begins at the halt and then adds walk to be sure Smoke understands her “ask” off the leg with steady or even a light “bumping” pressure.

People are amazed at how quickly the horse understands and responds when it's broken down for them. Training sessions are short and deliberate to keep the horse focused.

Barbara Gualco, Silverhorne Sporthorse