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Our Mission

W e started out in 1997 strictly as a show and training program, finding and training off the track Thoroughbreds, as Warmbloods were mostly a European fixture at the time. With the opportunities to see what the Hanoverian breed was accomplishing at the highest level of jumping and dressage competition, Silverhorne bred its own show mares and began to acquire imported mares and performance testing them in the USA.  In consultation with both Germans here and abroad, Silverhorne sought out the best quality jumping blood that was attainable for its intended purpose of providing well raised imported bloodlines for the American show competition market.

As the years progressed, we saw a need to train our young horses specifically for the needs of the American rider. Out of this our Horse Development program was born. The primary focus of this approach is to start youngsters, develop them and build a foundation for effective and successful horse/rider partnerships for the competitive rider.

In the end, our hope is to develop horses that are confident, happy in their work and readily cooperative and responsive to their riders. In the process, their bodies develop to maximize the conformational advantages they inherited from their carefully-paired parents.

Silverhorne Sales

Silverhorne Sporthorse offers German bloodlines at American pricing that carry proven scope and movement for rideablity and jumping.

Fantastic show! Stuart Little was Reserve Champion and we got a first in the equitation round. We also got an 80 in the Pre-Greens with Frank Madden judging.

FT Moore
Owner of Stuart Little (ES Sir Caletto x Silverado Summer xx)

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Horse Development

Strong leadership has always been a hallmark of the Silverhorne horse development program.

We are developing horses that can think and solve puzzles... A jump course is a puzzle. A dressage test is a puzzle. It comes down to helping the horse be confident in any situation.

Barbara Gualco, Silverhorne Sporthorse

Upcoming Events

Silverhorne's Get Ready Clinic Series Session 2

Silverhorne's Get Ready Clinic Series Session 2

Could you use more preparatory time for horses and clients?

October 27-28, 2018

Silverhorne's Get Ready Clinic Series Session 3

Silverhorne's Get Ready Clinic Series Session 3

Are your young prospects and imports coming along well?

November 17-18, 2018

Silverhorne's Get Ready Clinic Series Session 4

Silverhorne's Get Ready Clinic Series Session 4

December 8-9, 2018


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Why do we expect to drill a horse until “it gets it right” when often time trainers are not clear with what’s correct? We have to shift the balance more in favor of the horse, he’s the primary athlete and we are along for the ride; hopefully it's a good and safe ride.

Barb Gualco, Managing Partner, Silverhorne