MS Good Girl

Servus, Gotthard, Steinpilz xx Bloodline

16.2 hh Bay Mare
ES Graf Top II x MS Susie
Breeder: Silverhorne Sporthorse, USA

Bred By Silverhorne exclusively for the breeding program, this Main Studbook mare was easily started under saddle thanks in part of her good character, achieving high marks at her inspection (7.16 overall) Good Girl possesses a sterling disposition and very good character, a tremendous aptitude for jumping, enjoying it thoroughly and without hesitation, a super bascule with excellent technique and now this young mare has produced several super offspring with Sir Caletto. Good Girl’s sire, the 1997 stallion Graf Top II, (bred by Alfred Broennemann/Germany), was 100-Day Tested in Adelheidsdorf back in 2000 and imported to the US by Glenwood Farms. Two very interesting points in this stallion’s pedigree; the grandmother of Graf Top II (Geri) and the mother of Spartan (Gottilde) are full sisters.


Social Butterfly
Sunset Strip

Lineage Information

Graf Top II

Good Girl’s pedigree is a power pack of jump as she is double bred Servus, in that he appears on both the top and bottom side of the pedigree. The dam of Graf Top II, SPS Capries, where the Calypso blood (Cor de la Bryere) enters into the pedigree, is also the full sister to the mare Candy, of the Celle stallion Laptop. As quoted in The Hanoverian, published by the Verband Hannoverscher Warmblutzuchter c.V. Germany:

In October 1995 a State Stud sire from Celle made his debut in Verden’s licensing ring…in his first vintage Graf Grannus delivered four sons, three were licensed and one earned the victor’s crown. The debutant was Graf Grannus. Graf Top II’s full brother, Graf Top I stands at the State Stud in Celle.

He is producing with great regularity a high number of jumpers for the Elite Hanoverian auctions in Germany.

Cor de la Bryere

Graf Grannus

Graf Top I

Offspring Gallery

 by ES Sir Caletto

Social Butterfly
by ES Sir Caletto

Sunset Strip
 by ES Sir Caletto


ES Graf Top II Graf Grannus P.B. Grannus LdB Graphit
SPS Odessa
Goldmaedel P.B. Goldloewe
SPS Capries P.B. Calypso II HLP Cor de La Bryere
Geri LdB Gotthard
MS Susie Servus Sesam Senator
St. Pr. Dombucht Dominus
Gottilde Gotthard Goldfisch II
Steingilde Steinpilz xx
H S312628758